Frequently Asked Questions

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The Academy was built for two groups of people.  

  • Owners and Executive Teams of Distributors – our content and training is meant to help owner, executives and next generation leaders understand the components and steps needed to build your own Digital Branch.
  • Distributors employees (marketing, IT, eCommerce leaders) – while you may not have an eCommerce leader, you might have assigned eCommerce to one of your people.  The Academy is a fantastic way to give those people the resources and skills they need to be wildly successful.

We have two types of memberships:

  • Individual Membership – a single user membership
  • Corporate Membership – up to five users

Within those membership, there are two options to purchase:

  • Monthly – no contract, monthly recurring membership
  • Annual – get 2 months free with our annual membership

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We are very proud of these services.  B2X is now only working with members of the Academy, and therefore, the Accelerator Services are exclusive to you as a member.  These are “Done with you” services which means we are on your side of the table helping you through the process.  

  • Advisory Retainer – work directly with Justin King on a monthly basis
  • Workshops – one day Strategy and Tech Selection (eCommerce, PIM) workshops.
  • Unlimited Design Retainer – this is freaking amazing.  Any designs you want from print to digital we will do for you for a monthly amount significantly lower then hiring or 3rd party agency work.
  • SEO – monthly improvement and strategy of your Digital Branch.
  • Analytics – monthly insights on what your analytics is telling you.

Visit Accelerator Page.

You may cancel your subscription with B2X Partners / “The Academy” at any time. Upon cancellation, you will continue to have access to the B2X Academy through the end of your paid billing term. 

You may request a refund within the first 14 days of a purchase of any new subscription plan.

Beyond the 14 day window there are no refunds for partial subscription plans under any circumstance, including unused time on a plan.  However, you may cancel your subscription for the next month at any time.

Promotions, upgrades, and adjustments to existing plans are non-refundable.

You, the client are responsible to use the Academy after payment.

We uphold confidentiality in all communication regarding your brand and business. We will only communicate to those who have been authorized on your account and will not share any information provided with anyone outside our organization, subject to our Privacy Policy.

Our Terms of Service can be found here.

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